Power Generation


Metalogic supports our clients with turnkey Inspection solutions for Coal, Natural Gas, Combined Cycle and Nuclear generation facilities throughout North America. Whether it’s New Construction, Capital Expansion or Annual maintenance, Metalogic has developed and is continuously improving technology and services to ensure the highest level of inspection and regulatory compliance.

Metalogic works with the Owner, E.P.C., A.I. and Contractors to develop an inspection strategy and solutions for each project with the goal of maximizing production schedules and reducing risk.

Metalogic offers a full range of conventional as well as advanced NDT technology and services for the following assets:

Boiler Tubes
Water wall tubes
P91/SS Materials
Mud Drums
High Energy Piping
Rotating Equipment
Cooling Towers


For detailed information on our complete range of Power Generation services and technology for your next project or application, please contact info@metalogicinspection.com

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