From 6” to 60”, Metalogic has the experience and technology to support our customers in the planning, construction, and operational stage of pipelines.




Integrity Maintenance

With aging infrastructure and increased regulatory pressure, Metalogic has developed services and technology to help our customers reduce their risk of failure, while minimizing excavation & project cost. Metalogic has unique technologies, software and training that seamless integrate with GIS, Predictive Modeling and ILI data, to help our customers achieve their goals.

Our experience includes:

ILI Verification & Correlation

Laser Corrosion Mapping

Pre 1970 ERW Inspection

Predictive Modeling

S.C.C. Detection, Sizing & Repair

Mechanical Assessments

Sleeve and Composite Repair Q.C.

Data Management


New Construction

Metalogic provides conventional & digital radiography, as well as Phased Array Ultrasonics for high production weld inspection. Primarily focusing on the replacement of radiography with MetaPhase™, our customers have consistently realized the following benefits:

Faster Inspection

Higher Quality Weld

Environmental impact

Reduced Repairs


Reduced Project Costs


For detailed information on our complete range of our Pipeline services and technology for your next project or application, please contact info@metalogicinspection.com