What’s New

MetaPhase™ vs “Off the shelf” PAUT & RT

Metalogic merges three key components to create the fastest, most accurate and repeatable inspection platform in the industry. Training – In addition to industry- standard training, all Metalogic technicians receive 4 weeks of specialized training, via proprietary on- line training modules, and 3 weeks of hands- on instruction in the Metalogic Practical Training Center. Metalogic… Read more »

New Office – Houston, Texas

Metalogic Inspection is expanding our presence in the U.S. and has officially opened an office in Houston, Texas. Metalogic is bringing our industry leading MetaPhase™, which combines patented Phased Array technology and software, rigorous in depth training, and meticulous procedures to provide the most efficient and consistent weld inspection available. Our Phased Array technology also has… Read more »

Volumetric PAUT Application & PoD in Compliance with ASME B31.3 on Stainless Steel Welds

Metalogic Inspection Services was approached by a client to work on providing an Inspection Solution for Austenitic Stainless Steel welds to: avoid radiation safety issues “inherent” with industrial radiography, overcome “Inspection Window” restrictions that slows production, offer “Timely Inspection” to detect flaws at early stages of manufacturing, and deliver close to “real time” feedback for continuous… Read more »

Wood Buffalo Office Open for Business

We are excited to announce that our Fort McMurray Office is now open for business. This gives Metalogic a local presence in the Fort McMurray area to better support our clients with both small, and large scale projects. We are the only local company with the depth of resources to effectively implement MetaPhase™ ,Close Proximity… Read more »