Oil and Gas


Metalogic has extensive experience with new construction and maintenance project on Oil and Gas processes facilities.

We work closely with our clients Production, Engineering, Q.A.  and Safety teams to develop effective execution plans focused on optimizing new construction and or annual maintenance programs and schedules. Execution strategies are tailored to each client’s unique requirements, typically involving; Risk Based Inspection (R.B.I.) standards, identifying the best available inspection technology(s), seamlessly integrating our services with predictive maintenance programs, as well as effective execution and management of inspection.

Although strategies and tactics may change from project to project, the goals are constant; ensuring the highest level of code and regulatory compliance, while reducing our clients risk, schedule impacts and costs.

Metalogic offers a full range of conventional as well as advanced NDT technology and services for the following assets:

Pressure Vessels
Storage Tanks
Heat Exchangers
Coker Units
Cracker Units
Separation Towers
High Pressure SAGD Lines


For detailed information on our complete range of Oil & Gas services and technology for your next project or application, please contact info@metalogicinspection.com

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