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Metaphase™ (Phased Array) Auditing course Announced November 14-16

Metalogic will be hosting a Metaphase Auditing Course at it’s Head office in Edmonton Alberta from November 14-16. This is a great opportunity for Engineering and Quality Control professionals to empower themselves with the information and tools needed to qualify a Phased Array service provider and ensure consistent quality inspections on their sites.


Don’t delay! Space is limited book your spot today.

Metaphase™ (PAUT) Audit Course

For More information and to book your spot contact 780-469-6161 or email us at








MetaPhase™ vs “Off the shelf” PAUT & RT

Metalogic merges three key components to create the fastest, most accurate and repeatable inspection platform in the industry.

Training – In addition to industry- standard training, all Metalogic technicians receive 4 weeks of specialized training, via proprietary on- line training modules, and 3 weeks of hands- on instruction in the Metalogic Practical Training Center. Metalogic also offers an owner/ user Phased Array Auditor Training and certification.

Technology – Holding multiple patents and client awards, Metalogic’s technology team develops in- house solutions to overcome real- world problems.

Software – Metaphase provides technicians with software- driven tools to aid in detection, characterization and sizing of flaws, as well as making instant reporting a Metalogic standard.

Metaphase can improve productivity, accuracy and consistency on your project. To learn more about Metaphase, Client Phased Array Auditor Training or to set up a hands- on demonstration, contact us at: or call

(936) 900-2171 (US)

(780) 469-6161 (Canada)