Metalogic’s Rhodemap™ offers the most reliable and repeatable corrosion under insulation inspection in the industry today.

  • Real time results
  • No heat restrictions
  • No insulation removed
  • No surface prep

= Significantly reduced inspection costs



Metalogic’s Vortex™ surface inspection is fast and accurate, detecting the length, Width and depth of defects in a single pass.

  • Up to 10x faster than MT
  • No consumables / no mess
  • Significantly reduced surface preparation
  • No need to remove coatings
  • Auditable results

= Significantly reduced inspection costs



Metalogic’s Inform™ Tubular inspection has industry leading efficiency, accuracy and repeatability.

  • up to 50% faster inspection speeds
  • Replaces IRIS inspection – No water needed
  • 3D imaging
  • Reduced labor hours
  • less false calls
  • reduced Asset down time

= Significantly reduced inspection costs


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Reducing Risk and Cost through inspection INNOVATION!